5 Holiday Gifts for the Traveling Golfer

With the holiday season officially underway, the stress of finding the perfect gift for that special golfer may also be in full-swing. Of course, if you’re anything like yours truly, the gifts in your Amazon shopping cart may have a “one for them, two for you” kind of look to it. Whether it’s a gift for someone else or just a little something for yourself, here’s a few suggestions for the holiday wish-list of those planning a golf trip across the pond.

Gore-Tex Rainsuit

The value of a quality rainsuit when visiting the links across the pond can not be overstated. While that enormous Titleist umbrella may serve you well here stateside, the windswept seaside links will render it rather useless during squalls. In addition, many lower quality rainsuits tend to leak at the seams, leaving the player cold and wet during rounds with excessive liquid sunshine. Major Haversham’s Gore-Tex rainsuit has always kept him high and dry, even after a particularly dreadful day which saw the Valley of Sin temporarily become Lake St. Andrews. They’re of exceptional quality and carry an equally exceptional price-tag, but the investment could pay for itself many times over during a lifetime of golf travel.


Carry Bag

They say the player with the lightest bag gets the best caddie. With that wisdom in mind, Major Haversham has always been partial to his Ping carry-bag. The company best known for revolutionizing the putter industry did the same with golf bags, and there may even be an old Ping Hoofer collecting dust in your attic. If not, a Ping bag is a worthy addition to the holiday gift list of any traveling golfer.


And while we appreciate that golf trips require a lot of gear, it’s best to heed a piece of advice: leave this type of bag at home. Your caddie will thank you, and so might your scorecard.

Club Shipping by Luggage Forward

If you’re in search of a gift to put under the tree, this one may prove a bit difficult. However, for the golfer that already has everything, the gift of convenience and peace of mind is one they’re sure to appreciate. Luggage Forward delivers both in spades. Forget trudging through the airport with a golf bag, or the worry of an airline losing your clubs. Instead the trip begins and ends on a stress-free note, and the clubs will be patiently waiting on both sides of the pond.

IMG_7590 (1)

St. Andrews: In the Footsteps of Old Tom Morris

For the golfer who appreciates the history of our great game, especially those heading to St. Andrews, Footsteps won the USGA’s Herbert Warren Wind award and is a spectacularly detailed account of life in The Home of Golf throughout the centuries. From the medieval streets and evolution of the R&A clubhouse, to the cathedral ruins and the links itself, Footsteps is bursting fascinating insight which is sure to enrich your trip across the pond.


Headcovers by Seamus Golf

As may come as no surprise, we are a bit partial to all things tartan. The same can be said of unique, handcrafted golf accessories. Pair the two together, and you’ve got the fine headcovers by Seamus Golf. Constructed of elegant wool from the United Kingdom and Pacific Northwest, these are no ordinary headcovers. They tell a story, be it the pattern of your family tartan or one specially designed for a club or destination. And if there’s one thing Major Haversham appreciates, it’s a good story.


What’s on your golf travel wishlist?

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