Thanks for the Memories


Sometimes even the smallest gesture can lead to a trove of cherished memories we’ll recall forever. An act of kindness by a driver/host or an added element of hospitality from an innkeeper for example. Here’s one that applies to countless members of The Forces; the person who introduced you to Haversham & Baker in the first place.

At the time it seemed like such a small thing. Just another friend offering just another tip. You jotted it down and included H&B in the mix of companies to contact. What happened after that is history. A history of moments and memories you’ll relive over and over through the years. You know it would not have been the same had you chosen another company. Which brings us back to the introduction and the friend who made it.

Which brings me to the point of all this. Over the years members of the Forces have asked for our assistance in conveying a proper “thank you’ to the person who introduced them to H&B. In response and in the spirit of this Thanksgiving season, our communications wizards have created an easy, convenient program which enables you to say “Thanks for the Memories” in an e-card. Here are some of the first to roll off the presses…or rather the word processors.

If you’d like to thank the person who introduced you to H&B, your Driver/Host, or anyone else who helped you collect memories you’ll treasure forever, all you need do is fill out the short form below or email my Social Media Manager, Daniel Jones at

Here’s to giving thanks where thanks are truly due. And here’s to golf at its finest, life at its best and memories that last a lifetime.

Sam Baker
Founder & Chairman

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