The Top 17 Field Reports from 2017

As the end of the year draws near, and the 2017 golf travel season comes to a close, the H&B team finds itself reminiscing on the abundance of memories we had the honor to be a part of this year. Many will be found within the pages of the annual H&B Yearbook, which in the coming weeks will hit the mailboxes of our Members of the Forces who traveled this year. Others are found by scrolling back thru the H&B channels on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and recalling the memorable moments that rolled in throughout the year.

Major Haversham calls these updates Field Reports, and what follows are 17 of his favorites from the 2017 travel season.
David Kittle and Kent McKenzie of the Heritage Club enjoy a windblown toast at Castle Stuart.

John McMullen, PGA and the members of Hillcrest Country Club don their finest Turnberry threads.

Hugh Andrews and Friends from Mission Hills Country Club begin their round with a bang at Ardglass.

When you visit the Old Course and a former President is in the group behind you… As captured by Sandy Wilson from Monterey Peninsula Country Club and Redlands Country Club.

George Doehner of Quail West Country Club making memories with his five sons at The Old Course.

IMG_6703 (1)
The Four Fitzgerald Brothers from Chevy Chase Club surf the clifftops of Old Head.

Fishing for featheries at Carnoustie with Thomas Weigandt.

Up and over the Klondyke at Lahinch with the Krugman Expedition from Royal Melbourne (IL) Country Club.

Dana and Mike Strickland from Linville Ridge Country Club and North Ridge Country Club survey some famous memorabilia at Carnoustie.

The famous Turnberry sunset, as captured by Tony Steele.

Clayton Johnson waves hello from the home hole.

Carol Larson of Teesdale Golf & Country Club celebrates her first ace at the Renaissance Club.

Mike Hartley demonstrates why the bunkers across the pond are usually best avoided.

Phil Eyre, PGA of Hollow Brook Golf Club captures the scene over The Home of Golf.

A special salute goes to Sean Palmer, PGA of the Union League of Philadelphia, whose treasure trove of Field Reports were so great, we couldn’t choose just one.

As another memorable year draws to a close, we’re counting down to many more outstanding Field Reports in 2018.

Have your own Field Report to share? Major Haversham invites you to share it on the H&B Facebook page or tag us on Instagram and Twitter (@HavershamBaker).

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