Golf at its Finest…

Promotional materials paint such glowing portraits of famous golf courses you’d think you want to play them all. Most of our travelers come to us with a list of courses they want to play and most of those lists consist entirely of famous courses. That’s where our knowledge comes in. We’ve vetted all the famous links enough to know some of them may not be worthy of your time. There’s a very famous Irish course, for example, that will almost certainly fail to live up to its hype. There’s a course on the British Open Rota that’s never been popular with our golfers. You can only play so many courses while you’re abroad. Why waste a round on some famous course that likely will disappoint you merely because it’s on someone’s list?

…isn’t always the most famous courses.

What do Scotland’s Cruden Bay, England’s Swinley Forest and Wales’s Royal Porthcawl have in common? At least two things we know. They all existed for a century or more before Golf Magazine put them on its list of the world’s top courses and they were all recommended by H&B long before they made that list.

When it comes to selecting courses that provide the finest possible experience for our golfers, we don’t follow lists. We create them specifically for each group we serve. We’re intimately familiar with dozens of courses you’ve never heard of yet should play if you’re in the neighborhood. Most of our travelers find they get the most enjoyment from combining the famous courses we think are right for them with the discoveries we recommend.

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