The Country Club Company

For much the same reasons golfers choose to join a private club, they choose to travel with Haversham & Baker Golfing Expeditions. When they take an overseas golf trip, they want more than just tee times and hotel reservations; they want a complete experience. They want a local host who does a lot more than just drive a bus. They want someone with character, knowledge and an unswerving commitment to service. If the unexpected happens, they want solutions not excuses. Most importantly, when they board that plane flight home, they want lasting memories without a single regret.

Our company is known as the country club of international golf travel. We’ve been recommended by more private club PGA professionals than any other golf travel company. We’ve served the members of more than 1200 different American clubs. And better than 97% of our travelers are country club members.

Every year we deliver on a very special promise to hundreds of club members. It’s not so much a promise we made to them but rather a promise they made to themselves. They promised every aspect of their trip would be custom tailored to their own personal preferences and expectations rather than to someone else’s idea of a good time. And at the end of the day, it was.

The Voices of Experience

We’d love to tell you how our experienced team of golf travel professionals delivers on these travelers’ promises but the truth is that no one can tell the story better than the travelers themselves. Hence the short (two minutes) videos below.

The people who appear in these videos have two things in common: they’ve all traveled with H&B (some more than 10 times) and they’re all associated with private clubs. So please take a few moments to listen not only to what they say but also to how they say it. You owe it to yourself to understand the Haversham & Baker difference as explained by our travelers.

The Comparison

“You are the premier golf expedition company and everyone knows it.”
– Dr. James Voelker
   Dubuque Golf & Country Club

The Experience

“The accommodations, the golf courses, the entertainment and dinner (the Irish experience) at Doonbeg, our bus driver, and the friendly Irish people we met along the way, all of it goes down in my memory as one of my favorite trips. (…I have traveled extensively, including a previous trip to Ireland, and this surpassed the last trip by a land slide…)”
– Lana Noonan
   Blackstone Country Club

The Value

“Traveling with H&B is like upgrading to the club floor of a fine hotel. It costs a little more but all the extras and personal attention are well worth it.”
– Ted O’Rourke, PGA
   Morris County Country Club

If you are as interested in enjoying the good life that surrounds great golf courses as you are in playing them;

If you want every aspect of your overseas experience planned to your own personal requirements;

If you don’t want to spend hours leafing through guidebooks or scouring the internet preparing for your trip;

If you understand the difference between price and value—and choose value every time;

You’ve come to the right place!

Click here to start the planning ball rolling on a journey with memories that will last a lifetime or call us at 800-883-3633.