Between Now & Then

There are four stages to an H&B Golfing Expedition: the Planning, the Before, the During and the After. “During” is filled with golf at its finest and life at its best every single minute of every day. “After” is a lifetime of unforgettable memories.

Between Now & Then

Our exclusive Between Now & Then program deals specifically with the most insidious of the four—the Before. You’ve decided to go, confirmed a travel plan and paid your deposit towards your expedition. Now you find yourself spending time in a place you haven’t been to in awhile… the waiting room of your mind.

In Here The Mind Tends to Wander… You’re discussing options with your broker when suddenly you’re thinking, “Would it be out of line to wear plus fours at St. Andrews?”

Your spouse is talking about her mother’s impending visit but what you hear is, “Will you and your friends be visiting any distilleries?”

Between Now & Then is a collection of advice, counsel, information and activities we offer to help our travelers traverse that leg of your journey which is measured in time and experienced in your mind. Here’s a brief summary of each feature in our collection.

H&B on Social Media

There is no better way to pass the time or gather information Between Now and Then than by joining our various social media channels. On the H&B forums on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you’ll find a wealth of informative and entertaining content, as well as a highly engaged community consisting of your fellow Members of the Forces, our Foreign Legion of local hosts and guides, our overseas supplier partners, and the H&B Headquarters staff. You’ll soon find that our followers don’t simply tag along in silence; they ask questions, seek advice, and share stories and photos. Here is a little preview of what you’ll find there…




Field Manual

Soon after we’ve confirmed all their travel arrangements, our travelers receive our unique Field Manual, an H&B travel guide custom-assembled specifically for their expedition so they don’t have to sort through a myriad of irrelevant pages in some general guide book. (Fodor’s hates us.) There’s a history and description of each course they’ll be playing. Cultural information like the customs, food and drink of their destination. Advice on how to acquire the necessary local currency. What clothing to pack and when to wear it. How to use the local telephone system. Where to dine. Where to shop. What attractions to visit. And a panoply of other information neatly organized into a format they can read in a single evening.


Your Personal Concierge

We believe what you do off the course should be as much the result of your own personal interests as group think. Not everyone in a traveling party has to do the same thing all the time. In fact, we recommend against it. As Poor Richard said: “Fish and traveling companions begin to stink after three days.” (Well, it was something like that.)


To help our travelers do their own thing, we put them in touch with their very own personal H&B concierge by phone, email, carrier pigeon or whatever form of communication works best for them. Through their concierge, they can review dining options and confirm reservations for themselves and as many of their traveling companions as they care to have join them. They can set up spa appointments, kilt fittings, whiskey tastings, garden walks, private tours, fly fishing and even a visit from Old Tom Morris. They can ship luggage and golf clubs. They can find the place to purchase the perfect gift for the person who must give them the hall pass needed for their next overseas golf trip. The list is limited mostly by their imagination because there is no aspect of the pending travel experience which is off limits to their Haversham & Baker concierge.

Major SitReps

Situation ReportH&B world headquarters regularly receives detailed situation reports (“SitReps” to Major Haversham) from our various sources in the field about what’s happening in their neck of the woods. One time, for example, it was how the ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano was affecting air travel. Another it was how a new brand of rain suit was under-performing. (If the American Ryder Cup team had only consulted with The Major!) And yet another was the announcement that Europe was restricting carry-on bags to a smaller size than permitted in the States.

Not all of these are of interest to our members. (Who among you really cares that Mr. Baker’s 70 year old, regular caddy at Royal Dornoch is being sued for paternity?) But we dutifully distribute those which are, most often through the H&B Forum but also by email when more than a few words are required.

Final Marching Orders

Approximately two weeks prior to departure, our travelers receive their Final Marching Orders, a compendium of information which helps them with their final preparations as well as their time overseas. Amidst all the useful information stuffed into an easy-to-carry format is their own personal itinerary with each and every arrangement made for the group and for them alone, a packing list, contact numbers they can leave behind for family and associates, a telephone number where they can reach a senior member of the H&B team 24/7 while they are away from home and, perhaps the most used item, what to do when their airline loses their luggage or delays their flight.

The foregoing should be everything most folks would need to handle the most difficult leg of your journey – the wait for it to begin. After all, this isn’t exactly our first rodeo. We’ve been helping travelers for more than twenty years. But we’ve also learned over the years that no two expeditions or members of the Forces are the same. So whenever anyone needs more information or assistance, we ask them to contact one of our team personally. That’s what we’re here for.