Planning for golf at its finest, life at its best and memories that will last a lifetime.

If you’ve been surfing international golf travel websites you may have come across a company that encourages you to “plan your own tour” and “generate a quote” on line. In their view, all you have to do is read their brief description of each golf course and accommodation, make your choices, hit the submit button and…Voila! You have a plan and a price. Other websites expect you to choose from a limited number of specific tours of various destinations. One, for example, reduces all the possibilities for golf and the good life in Ireland to just five pre-planned tours.

Don’t bother searching our website for either of these options. We don’t believe in them. These simplistic approaches may be a good way for the companies which tout them to herd faceless hoards of golf travelers across the pond with a minimum of personal contact but they’re not the best way for you to plan your trip.

We’ve identified and personally vetted more than 230 different golf and accommodations options which could provide the perfect experience for certain travelers to Great Britain and Ireland. The number of ways all these options can be combined into a week-long custom-planned itinerary stretches towards infinity. In fact, during our 20 years in business we’ve never planned two identical expeditions. Yet the “recommended tours” approach reduces all the possible combinations for Ireland to just five.

As for the “plan your own tour on line” approach, you cannot possibly make the choices that are best for you based on the meager amount of information about each option this website offers up. Reading through their uniformly glowing descriptions of courses and accommodations which appear to come straight from some tourist brochure, how would you ever know that a famous British Open course is almost certain to disappoint or the standard rooms in one of the great golf hotels of the world are way too small for human habitation? How could you select the best places to play and stay when your traveling party includes those who don’t play golf if there’s absolutely nothing on the site about off the course activities?

We could go on and on but you get the picture. Putting together a travel plan that provides the kind of memories you seek requires knowing the unvarnished truth about a vast number of options. And it requires someone who takes the time to understand precisely the kind of experience you and your traveling companions seek. It requires a personal consultation with a skilled golf travel planner.

At Haversham & Baker, we don’t provide pre-planned tours or email quotes. We custom design travel plans. We believe that’s the only way to provide travelers with golf at its finest, life at its best and memories that last a lifetime. Our travelers agree. Watch them describe the H&B planning process in this short video:


The H&B Expedition Planners

Some other companies may claim to offer you custom-designed golf trips but they simple don’t have people with the knowledge and skill to pull it off. Talk with their people then talk with our H&B planners. We bet you’ll notice the difference in a New York minute.

Chris McConn
Director of Planning

Chris graduated from the Professional Golf Management program at Mississippi State University and worked as a private club PGA professional before joining H&B in 1999. Chris is the company’s resident college sports nut just as long as the sport involves any SEC team but especially his beloved MSU Bulldogs.

Phone:  800.883.3633 ext. 108

Julie Welage
Planning Manager

Julie graduated from the Professional Golf Management program at Methodist College and worked at Pinehurst before joining H&B in 2005. Julie is the most dedicated golfer in the company by far. Were it not for her son, her job and her achy back, she’d play golf every day.

Phone:  800.883.3633 ext. 107

Mike Walters
Planning Manager

After a career spanning over 20 years as a club professional, Mike joined the H&B team in 2015. A graduate of Miami (OH) University, Mike’s love of the game is only equaled by his passion for the Buckeyes, Steelers, and all things Disney.

Phone:  800.883.3633 ext. 103