After all the fun you’ll have planning and preparing for your trip, the best part about traveling with H&B is…traveling with H&B. You may have heard about our custom built coaches with seats which one traveler says remind him of business class airline seats, plasma screen videos, card tables and on board larders stocked with your favorite snacks and beverages. Or our biggy-sized rental vehicles with pre-programmed GPS units. Or the accommodations, restaurants, pubs and local attractions we specifically select to meet your personal preferences.

Foreign Legion

But the most important contributors to your H&B travel experience in country are the members of our Foreign Legion—the driver/hosts, innkeepers, caddy masters, tour guides and other overseas partners who’ve worked with us for years. They treat you as a special guest because you’re traveling with us. They know you expect outstanding service, have paid a bit more to receive it and recognize when it’s delivered. You’re just the kind of discerning traveler they love serving. Here’s more on our Foreign Legion from our travelers as well as some of the legionnaires themselves:

Stuff Happens

A week long overseas golf trip involves 40 to 50 separate arrangements that all must come off without a hitch for your experience to be perfectly seamless. Enter H&B Managing Partner, John Baker. Before joining the family business, John graduated from West Point, commanded an Army company, worked as a quality engineer and earned a Six Sigma black belt. It’s hard to get more anal than that.

John’s job is to turn your H&B travel plan with all of its moving parts into a reality that exceeds all your expectations. He creates the systems, supervises the procedures and maintains the relationships with our Foreign Legion that minimize the chances of something going wrong.

John knows, however, that stuff can happen even when his team has reserved all your plans and arrangements perfectly. An airline cancels your flight or you miss your connection. A desk clerk trainee assigns you the wrong room. The assistant caddy master never gets the memo from his boss that you need a caddy. A traffic jam causes you to miss a tee time. Your passport, credit cards, wallet and all your identification are stolen.

We believe the measure a great company is how it responds when bad things happen to good people. If these things happen to you when you’re traveling with H&B, they needn’t spoil your good time or great memories. Usually life’s glitches can be resolved on the spot by our Foreign Legion. When they can’t, you simply call The Batphone, a 24/7 emergency telephone number we give to all our travelers. While you won’t reach Batman or Robin, you will speak with a real, live senior member of the H&B team ready, willing and able to find a solution. Here are some tales from the H&B Batphone:

Great Memories Guaranteed

At the end of a Haversham & Baker Golfing Expedition, you’ve played golf at its finest, lived the good life that surrounds the courses and collected memories that will last a lifetime. The only thing you regret on that plane flying home is that you’re on that plane flying home. We guarantee it!